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Author Topic: Shoot The Messenger  (Read 1839 times)
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« on: September 22, 2006, 08:59:45 AM »

Hey, just thought I'd introduce the band I'm in. We are an upbeat metal band from Weyburn, but this summer 4 of our 5 members moved up to regina, the other being in saskatoon. Anyways, you can take a look at us and hear some of our songs at:


We're just out here trying to find some shows and get known, so if anyone needs an opener, we'd play for free right now.
bob endo
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2006, 08:54:40 PM »

Welcome to Sask Metal !
It's nice !
I like !
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« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2006, 09:48:49 AM »

He's not talking about the site... he's talking about the fact that you'll play for free.  Tongue

Welcome to the site, mang.

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« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2006, 11:48:43 AM »

"upbeat metal"

That was a funny thing to

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« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2006, 10:45:45 PM »

i like shoot the messenger, they have B.O. though...but dont we all. -Grant
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