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Author Topic: New England Metal Hardcore Fest  (Read 2401 times)
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« on: May 08, 2006, 10:29:49 AM »

Due to some shitty connections and other shit I saw Lacuna Coil
on the FRiday night and that was all for Friday..

Saturday got off to a good start Hate Eternal was rippin,Suffocation tore that place down,God Forbid was up next and kept the pot stirring for the next band ,,Overcast which is the Brian Fair and the guitar player fromKillswitch Engages old band they were very well recieved even though it was a reunion...

And then Exodus no more to say,Rob Dukes to me is the best front man that band has ever had,

Chimiara  well lets say the amount of times they have played for that paticular venue people were rather bored until Phil Labonte from All That Remains came out for the last song and tore that place up..

Arch Enemy plagued by microphone problems,Angela Gossow was obviously pissed and it came through in her performance,her vocals were angry and the look on her face was KILL..great way to cap off the night...

This day was what everyone was waiting for so Ill just get right to it,

mainstage was abuzz for the whole day I was really only interested in the lat 5 bands Wolf from Sweden are killer find this album and get it,,
the almighty Trouble were supposed to play ,but due to vehicular problems they had to cancel which is a real shame I was really looking frorward to them..

Into Eternity,,people were right into them ,Stu got them onthe edge of their seat with just a look,Jim and Troy solid as hell Tim and Colin killed ,the new stuff went over rather well,and the vocal acrobatics,stopped the place dead in their tracks..

The Bronx Casket Co ..
D D Verni,Jack Frost project were killer man just fuckin killer,they played their hearts out even over the chants of Dragonforce ,,

Which brings me to the next band,an absolute fury of sound and energy Dragonforce ,
I have never seen anything like this before in my life,Herman Li treats his guitar like a bad kid,Z P Theart vocally is sick and the rest of the band despite being rather in the bag were amazing,,,

Gamma Ray the kings of majesty metal featuring the man Kai Hansen from Helloween,Iron Savior fame played for close to 3 hours and they went all out ,this was the first nite of my short but amazing tour with them they played all the classics,even a Helloweenn nugget ...

As for the second stage ,to tell you how bad bands want to play this festival.
Bands traveled to Worchester Massechusetts  from as far as Florida,Texas, Arizona to play 3 or 4 songs for all the reps from Nuclear Blast ,Century Media,Prosthetic records Relapse Recrords,this festival is the shit, find out next years dates ,book your hotel roms and GO
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