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Author Topic: Sept 7th @ Black Cat Tavern - Diehearted w/ Juliet Ruin, Thalass, Black Friday  (Read 1008 times)
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« on: August 07, 2019, 03:43:05 PM »

Diehearted have laid waste to Saskatoon this past year. Making multiple news articles as a METAL band. Let that sink in... Newspaper publishing metal?? Taking the SK throne at the Wacken Battle in SK and even playing SASKTEL center at the intermission of the Rattlers game. These guys are on pace to becoming the fastest growing metal band in Saskatchewan. Catch them back in action on home soil as they annihilate the stage once more!

Juliet Ruin ( is rolling through Saskatoon ready to crush the stage with a new and exciting release. Lowering their tunings and bringing 7 strings into the mix this is Juliet like you've never seen them before. Jess belts out vocals that shows her extreme progression into the upper echelon of artists. Don't miss Juliet Ruin as they take aim on Saskatoon!! Be there!!

Thalass is back in the ring. After taking a year off they are literally back to prove that no one is in their league. The HEAVIEST band in Stoon is here and they want their throne back. When we asked them about this show I got a one line answer. "Bring it". That pretty much sums up the amount of Tylenol you should take before standing at the front of the stage. Be prepared to have Dylan and crew choke you out stomp on you and lay waste to what you know as heavy.

Black Friday comes at us as a Melodic Metalcore band that is ready to hang with the best of them! Coming through Saskatoon for the first time they have already stated they belong. The melodies that this crew produce are insane and will leave you gasping for air. Don't sleep on these guys as they are waiting to sink their teeth in and BANG!!!!!

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