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Author Topic: Destruction  (Read 766 times)
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« on: June 19, 2015, 06:54:27 AM »

The latest episode of Radioactive Metal is now available. This time we speak with bassist/vocalist Schmier of Destruction.

In the early 80s, thrash metalís ďBig 4″ was just cutting their teeth. At the same time, the German metal scene was forming itís own unique clique. The Teutonic Trio consisted of SODOM, KREATOR, and this episodeís Creature Feature DESTRUCTION. Over the past thirty years, Heavy Metal had itís highs and lows but Destruction had itís feet firmly planted in it throughout. The band lives to tell the tale (and is better than ever). We scratched off another bucket list moment when we sat face-to-face with the mainman behind the legend, Schmier. We dove into the past but paid attention to the present, as well as discussed their legendary status, their audience in 2015, and his side project PANZER. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we go off on the local controversy that the recent BLACK PUSSY gig caused and crank some bitchiní tunes from Destruction, WEEDEATER, ALICE COOPER, and introduce New Zealandís DAWN OF AZAZEL in our Indie Spotlight.
Weíre all on the eve of destruction. Horns to that!!

The show can be found at www.radioactivemeta

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