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Author Topic: Exhumed and Iron Reagan/Municipal Waste  (Read 1264 times)
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« on: April 01, 2015, 07:36:54 AM »

The latest episode of Radioactive Metal is now available. This time we feature two interviews: Exhumed guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey and Iron Reagan/Municipal Waste vocalist Tony Foresta.

The irresistible force meets the immovable object!! OK, maybe thatís a little sensationalistic but nobody can blame us for getting excited. Both death meisters EXHUMED and crossover thrashers IRON REAGAN are faves here in the RAM offices. So when they announced they were doing a split record together, we got quite excited. When they came through town together recently, we lost all our shit! First up Exhumedís Matt Harvey explained said split, the re-release of Gore Metal, and our mutual love of MINOR THREAT. Not to be outdone, Iron Reaganís Tony Foresta (also in MUNICIPAL WASTE) chimes in about signing with Relapse Records, where the band name came from, and Viking funerals. Itís always a pleasure chatting with these gentlemen. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we pay tribute to AJ Pero, rant about the SLIPKNOT sitch, and discuss upcoming festivals. Horns Up!!

You can check out the show at www.radioactivemeta

Be sure to check out some of our recent previous episodes feat. Obituary, Testament, Massacre, Crowbar,Exodus, Bloodbath, Suffocation, Trouble, Devil You Know, Sonata Arctica, Exciter, Indestructible Noise Command, and Primitive Man.
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