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Author Topic: Crowbar!!  (Read 1050 times)
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« on: March 24, 2015, 11:26:11 AM »

The latest episode of Radioactive Metal is now available. This time we speak with Crowbar's Kirk Windstein as he dissects the band's self titled second album in the latest instalment of our "Album Autopsy" series.

One never really needs a reason to speak with a Metal Legend like CROWBAR‘s Kirk Windstein. He’s one of the true gentlemen of Metaldom and his feet are planted firmly on the ground. With our Album Autopsy series in full swing, having Mr. Windstein back on the show was a no brainer: we chose the band’s sophomore release, their self-titled album to dissect. We tested Kirk’s memory as we discussed the journey involving the creation of this classic, as well as examining each track in detail. He shared with us stories of how he writes music, working with producer Phil Anselmo, and how much of an influence Peter Steele was. In our abbreviated News, Views, and Tunes, we yack about hanging with DEICIDE‘s Glen Benton and supporting our local hardcore scene. Horns Up!!

The show can be found at www.radioactivemeta

Be sure to check out some of previous episodes featuring Obituary, Testament, Massacre, Exodus, Bloodbath/Paradise Lost, Nightwish, Suffocation, Devil You Know, Misery Signals, Sonata Arctica , Internal Bleeding, and Primitive Man.
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