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Author Topic: Valentine's Day Massacre  (Read 1294 times)
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The latest episode of Radioactive Metal is now available. This time we feature an annual Valentine's Day episode - "Valentine's Day Massacre"

Valhalla only knows we like to do things a tad differently around here. Itís Valentineís Day, and every year we commemorate this special day of love with our own unique tribute. We get into the spirit of the occasion with some anti-romance music and sentiment to harden the heart of even the most dedicated romantic. Musically, we crank some of the most (in)appropriate artists ranging from the current to the classic including NUNSLAUGHTER, M.O.D., BODY COUNT, THE GREAT KAT, THE DONNAS, SEX PRISONER, FORGOTTEN REBELS, DEATH SENTENCE, CEMETERY LUST, NECROFUCKFILIA, and DRIVEBY BUKKAKE!! Fortunately, rock ní roll has a tendency of becoming a cesspool of sex and drugs. Sometimes the stories become stuff of myths and legends. We share our takes on mudsharks, ribs, and Mars bars. Horns up and be sure to listen with that special someone!

Please check it out at www.radioactivemeta

Be sure to check out some of our past episodes featuring Obituary, Massacre, Exodus, Suffocation, Upon A Burning body, Onslaught, Artillery, Trouble, Devil You Know, Misery Signals, Huntress, Internal Bleeding, Nightwish, and Primitive Man.
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