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Author Topic: Need Music School Advice  (Read 4971 times)
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« on: April 19, 2011, 01:22:49 PM »

Hey all,
     Like the title says, I'm looking for advice on music schools. I play guitar (and a bit of piano) and I looked into the UofS but they are so far from contemporary I lost interest in the programs almost instantly. I have been told that Grant MacEwan's (Edmonton) contemporary music program is quite good and is one of the few modern music programs in Canada. I have had great interest in going to MI in Hollywood since I was a teenager but the reviews of the school are all over the place, lots of really bad ones and lots of really good as well! MI would seem to be the best choice for an education in modern styles (especially because Metal is my passion) but $30k a year for schooling is a heavy price to pay if the school turns out to be a disappointment...

     As for my experience in music: I've been playing guitar for 8 years and have extensive experience playing Rock and Metal as well as a little experience with Blues and even Country (lame right? Tongue). I played piano for 6 years as a kid and learned a fair amount of theory from it. I've taught guitar for 3 years now as well. I will note that while I use tabs I CAN read music but have never actually had to for guitar so I would be behind in that aspect. Any input on schools with modern music programs to help me get involved in today's music business would be greatly appreciated!

Note: I am open to audio engineering and other such music related courses as well, I'm not putting all my hope into performance Tongue Also, I am not concerned about difficulty of a course as I am incredibly dedicated to guitar and plan to live and breathe guitar while in school (similar to what I do now haha).

Thanks in advance!

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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2013, 12:16:37 AM »

I honestly wouldn't recommend going to school for music at all. You waste a whole bunch of your time learning stuff you could learn off of the internet these days, and get thousands of dollars in debt, just so you can have a little piece of paper saying you did it (I used to be in a band with a bassist who had completed his VIU bachelors degree, and he was still fucking terrible). There isn't really a whole lot of jobs you can get with it other than sound track stuff and teaching, both of which you can do without a degree (unless you want to become a university professor or something).

Audio engineering on the other hand seems a bit more practical, unless you only want to be able to mix your own stuff, in which case you might as well just learn off the internet

Anyway, this is just my experience. If you want to learn about music theory or technique just ask people who know about it, or look it up online. As for schools, I believe Berklee is the most recognized. They also have online courses if you don't feel like moving.

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