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Author Topic: Concert Review :DANZIG, Possessed, Marduk, Toxic Holocaust  (Read 5920 times)
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« on: February 24, 2011, 11:17:28 AM »

Well I LOVED this concert ...and made driving to Seattle from my house in Vancouver  ,more than worth the effort   evil

I got there about 7pm, and was inside the venue just as the first band started playing...

Withered were OK the end of their set, I was able to get a spot right at the front of the stage against the barricade for the rest of the night  

Toxic Holocaust was next, and sounded better than the first band.

Then MARDUK did an inspired set and were a real good solid band.

So far each band had been better than the one before ..... and the next band kept the trend intact.

POSSESSED came on and laid down the Death Metal Law  
It was an honor to see POSSESSED for my first time,

From the first song till the last, Possessed just straight up kicked all kinds of ass ...and the first 3 bands should count their blessings to even be on the same stage as these guys...

(I got to meet most of the Possessed guys after the concert, and they were all very cool and humble ) and even caught a pick from from one of the guitarists.

Then the set change for DANZIG started and even during the soundcheck I could tell the sound was going to be great.

The whole band was in fantastic form , with great vocals, heavy drums, excellent guitar playing and I even got a Danzig pick from the Bass player and a Prong pick with Tommy Victors name on the flip side , from the Guitarist.

The majority of the setlist was from the first 4 killer Danzig albums and a few new songs as well.

The only way it could have been better is if they played even longer.... but it was fantastic to see Danzig for my first time...

The second song was Twist Of Cain ....and it was one great track after another from there (Like: Tired of Being Alive, Her Black Wings, How The Gods Kill , Thirteen, Bringer Of Death, etc, etc ) ....and ended with Mother....

Then they came back for an encore of two amazing songs...

SHE RIDES (I have always thought this would be a killer song for girls to strip to)


AM I DEMON (with its cool Priest style riff)

A fantastic way to end the night  

Then it was time to have a bite to eat and drive home... I got home as my wife was waking up and asked her to wake me up in an hour so I could get ready for work....

My coworkers still shake their head in disbelief that I am able to come to work with only an hour of sleep and never drag my ass around...LOL
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2011, 07:24:58 AM »

SHE RIDES (I have always thought this would be a killer song for girls to strip to)
Google better.

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