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Author Topic: Changes.  (Read 2395 times)
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« on: November 22, 2010, 11:34:13 AM »

The time has come where I'm forced to clean up a lot of shit on this site.

While in real life you guys are all great and I consider you upstanding people and friends, on here you're nothing more then bullies insensitive jerks at times.

Though its fun to poke fun at people and sarcasm happens continuously on here, its no longer fun for some of the long time members that have been the backbone of this community since the start.

With this being said, THREAD JACKING is a big no no. If it doesn't pertain to the topic under the headings of Site News, Music, Events, Promotions, and everything in General (except for General) its being deleted. No questions asked, no arguments needed.

Also while some of you find it funny to beat up someone on this site, I wonder why if I have anywhere from 50 - 100 new members each month that they aren't posting. I know why, as soon as they do they are disrespected and beat up. Maybe instead of trying to burn them instantly you might want to try to welcome them to the community and help build on metal in Saskatchewan and getting these newbies out supporting shows or perhaps even supporting your own local band. Why would someone new to this site want to pay $10 to see your band after you've cut them down numerous times and been nothing but a jerk to them?

When one of the original members of this board and someone who has been a cheerleader for all along messaged me this morning expressing their desire to leave the site because of all the bullshit and constant fighting and insensitive comments left all the time, I'm going to have to look at what can be done.

This thread is being locked. I don't want to discuss it. If you want to discuss send me a PM.

Cheers and Fuck!!!

Support the a tshirt, buy a cd, BUY A TICKET and attend a show!

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