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Author Topic: Kids on the site  (Read 1953 times)
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« on: October 15, 2010, 06:43:52 PM »

When I say "kids" I use that as a blanket term for anyone under 18.  It's not meant to be condescending (even though if it WAS meant to be condescending, I wouldn't bother explaining myself because they're just a buncha kids.  HA! ©Cryptopchick Ent. ©Cryptopchick Ent. ©Cryptopchick Ent.)

This is in direct response to the pages and pages of bullshit that I spent my time deleting last night.  Unfortunately some really good posts got deleted in the crossfire... so I'm trying to paraphrase/expand on what he posted...

I know a lot of the adults on this site find some of the kids on this site tedious to deal with, and we have all always been pretty good at speaking our minds and mocking them when they say stupid shit... but I think it's gotten to the point of being absolutely fucking ridiculous when certain minors who frequent this site are being told that they should kill themselves, that they should go cut themselves, and other such pleasant things.

I'm not a parent, but I am in a relationship with someone who has kids (kids who lovingly call me commonlaw mom heheh).  If I knew that people on any website were talking to either one of those kids the way some of the ADULTS on this site have spoken to the KIDS on this site, joking or not, I would probably lose my shit, and demand the site owner's head on a silver platter.

With that being said... I also know that if either of my stepkids were talking the way some of the kids on this site talk, their dad would lock them in their bedrooms with no internet privileges for as close to the rest of their lives as he could possibly manage.

So, I guess the take home message is... yeah, this is a metal site, and for the most part people need to HTFU, but kids gotta learn some fucking respect around here, and adults need to remember that they're dealing with kids before they start saying some of the shit that's been said around here lately.  Everyone tells buttsy "before you post stupid shit, stop and think if it's something worth posting."  Well... it goes both ways.
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