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Author Topic: Lavagoat  (Read 16107 times)
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What Once Was
- Dažboh -
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...remains; the ghost of what once was...

« Reply #70 on: February 14, 2012, 10:13:13 AM »

YES! Can't wait!

Очищає ріки в море, але з його ніколи потоків; Козачий Лад його долі прагне, але ніколи не знає долі. Козачі паренек залишив його будинку, він залишив рідних і натурою, і синього моря плескіт води та піни, Саду думках порушити його розум.
                                                 -Taras Shevchenko
Johnny Hellbeef
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To acheive singularity, the ego must be cast off

« Reply #71 on: March 10, 2014, 01:24:22 PM »

Hey all. So there has been quite the lapse in updates from the LAVAGOAT camp until recently. Our apologies to all of you who have followed and supported us for these past few doom-laden years. We regret that due to financial setbacks, we've had to put off the release of AGELESS NONSENSE but are hopeful that we may have it yet come out later this year. Shit's tight though, so though we remain hopeful, we can’t make any promises at this time. On the upside though, for those of you who have run low on patience waiting for new material from us, be glad as your wait is mere weeks from being over. We will be releasing a self-recorded 6 song EP right away entitled WEIRD MENACE. With a release date tentatively set for our first outing onto the stage this year with CHRONOBOT, REND and ELECTRIC GRAPEVINE this March 29th at the Rock Bottom, it should hold everyone over for some time until we can get AGELESS NONSENSE back on track. For those of you who like the LAVAGOAT brand of doom with the typical head banging heavy riffing we tend to bring to the table, an added dash of good old 80's style thrash stewed together with some otherworldly creep and weirdness should satiate the darker cravings of your inner monster. This all served to you lo-fi and DIY style. To accompany this release, we will be bringing new T’s, 2 limited run posters and some stickers in promotion of WEIRD MENACE. Artwork courtesy of Jason Dopko and Graeme Burke. Should be a good time, so hope to see everyone out!

Also, if you had not already heard via FB and Twitter, ALL of our previously released work is available for free download at the following sites. Feel free to donate if you like. Every cent we scrape together will be going towards AGELESS NONSENSE without deviation. We’d like to thank all of you guys for supporting us and sticking with us these past few years! Love the local 306 crowd! You guys are fuckin rad! Enjoy!

Johnny Hellbeef
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To acheive singularity, the ego must be cast off

« Reply #72 on: March 10, 2014, 05:20:02 PM »

Also, check out the House of Burners compilation put out by Prerock Records featuring 16 of some killer Canadian talent. Stream it or buy it at one of the following links and support some Canadian music. Yes, we are spamming our own page!

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