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Author Topic: Halloween 2 ( relatively spoiler free )  (Read 3085 times)
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« on: September 03, 2009, 11:23:55 AM »

This review was done by a friend of mine and i thought i would share cause he writes a good review

Two years ago, a horror film came out that polarized the audience; they thought it was either really fucking good or slapped their heads and went, ďFuck, more homicidal rednecks.Ē Yes, Iím talking about a Rob Zombie film. More particularly, his remake of Halloween. Iím not going to recap my feelings on the first film, no; this is devoted to the sequel of the remake (and just typing those words, Iím trying to remember if there ever has been a sequel to a remake before now).

Now, of course, Rob has stated in the past that Halloween was meant to stand alone and there werenít going to be any sequels, at least not by him. Of course, this is the same guy that also stated that he wasnít fond of remakes in general, which should lead the average sane individual to question everything he says and take it with a bag of salt, fuck a grain. Reports say that either he came up with an idea on his own that was too good to pass up, or he was stuck in a deal with the producers. Either way, Halloween 2 is now upon us (again, two full months before the actual holiday, but thatís just as well, as whatever Saw movie is coming out around that time would more than likely skull-fuck it anyway).

The film is, again, a mixed bag for me. It consists mainly of the aftermath of Michaelís earlier bloody rampage, as he embarks on another one, either a year or two later (it doesnít exactly specify which). So while heís cutting, stabbing, and bashing his way in an oddly circular pattern back to Haddonfield and his sister, we have a lot of scenes of Laurie, Annie, and Dr. Loomis (how the fuck are they still alive, I donít know; this new Michael seems to be slipping) severely fucked up and trying to cope. Laurieís stuck in therapy and having the usual nasty nightmares associated with traumatic experiences like that. Annie is more or less adjusted, but canít quite grasp how to take care of her. And somehow, Loomis has become an over-the-top egotistical jackoff, selling his new book about Michael and what had happened in the previous movie and completely being a whore about it. About the sanest person here is Sheriff Brackett, and that poor bastard is trying to take care of both girls, without the slightest clue how.

All this would be perfectly logical and is expected for a quickie sequel like this, but then Rob throws in his ace-in-the-hole (or two Jokers) by bringing his wife back from the dead. Of course Sheri Moon Zombieís in here, why wouldnít she be? You really think since she blew her brains out in the last movie thatís going to stop her? Hell no, now sheís in a white dress, looking all ethereal-like, with a white horse and a young Michael in a clown costume. You see, theyíre supposed to be in Michaelís head, goading him closer to Laurie, yet making him waste all this time with extraneous characters first. Maybe itís practice. But while people are walking around and weíre waiting for him to pounce, we see them lurking in the shadows, without Michael even being there, like some goddamn vampires. At least they look better than the retards from Twilight.

Then everything coalesces into a somewhat abbreviated climax where it kind of ends abruptly but in the only reasonable way it can end, I suppose. You can tell by the way the story progresses that thereís only one way for this to finish up, and it does; itís a kind of ambiguous final shot that leaves itself open to interpretation, even though Rob has stated that there was an actual goal in mind. Oh well, who am I to argue with an artist? Hah.

It is somewhat liberating for Rob at least, seeing that he now is free from the (somewhat self-imposed) restrictions the first movie gave him. He can go off on any tangent he wants now, and he does, so he does deserve some credit for that. The typical bloodthirsty maniac will giggle from the lots of celery stalk breaking effects as Michael goes to town and breaks necks and limbs and pulverizes fucking stupid redneck hicks that somehow seem to populate this small town in Illinois. Iím just not sure what to make of the whole dead Momma angle, and will probably have to see it again to make sure about it. Sly bastard, so thatís how you expect to make money.

Watching his first Halloween again before going to see this, I may have been a little too harsh with it. The first half was still great, and the second half starts to grow on you, even though none of the 3 girls are still that likeable unless theyíre about to die or get fucked. I gave it a rating of 3 out of 5 cross-skulls back then but want to bump it up half a skull to 3.5. This second one, oh manÖitís watchable enough, I suppose, but not necessarily in the theatre. Try a decent download as it is somewhat dark, but not as bad as Aliens vs. Predator 2 or The Hills Have Eyes 2 where you canít even see most of the action, itís so underlit. Until I see it again, letís say itís 3 out of 5 cross-skulls.
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2009, 11:34:20 AM »

Decent review, makes me comfortable with the fact that I have no desire to see it in theatre.
However, I do find these parts funny:

...this is devoted to the sequel of the remake (and just typing those words, Iím trying to remember if there ever has been a sequel to a remake before now).
Simply because later on he references a sequel of a remake:
...The Hills Have Eyes 2
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2009, 11:06:03 PM »

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« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2009, 02:51:10 PM »

curtis is slipping...

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