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Title: KELEVRA - OVERTHROWN.. Physical/Digital CD holders.. PLZ READ!
Post by: Demon Cleaner on December 12, 2013, 11:41:54 AM


It is our regret to inform you that there are technical issues with every copy of "Overthrown" sold, physically & Digitally*, until this point. In other words, every CD is an unfinished product, containing 2 fully mastered and 4 partially mastered tracks. This mistake was obviously not intentional, as it occurred in transferring files to our distributor. This is horrible news for us, our producer, and everyone else involved with Overthrown, in addition to all fans who have been deprived of the proper tracks that we all worked so hard on.

Moving forward, it is important for us to give our family, friends, and fans, a truly 'finished' copy of Overthrown. It is also necessary for us to collect all old copies of this disc, as this material falsely represents our band and our work. With that being said, we have fixed the problem and ordered a new batch of CDs. We apologize if this process has been long and delayed, but we needed to assure that no further mistakes were made. Also, we wanted to be sure that we had the CDs finished and ordered before we made any promises!

If you currently hold a 'old', 'non-legit', copy of Overthrown, we ask that you simply exchange it for new copy from us. This will obviously be free of charge, as our buyers should not be penalized for this mistake.


If you have an old copy of the CD, bring it to our show w/ Planet Eater on December 29th, @ The Exchange. We will swap CDs with you there, again, free of charge. If you can't make it out (bullshit), please contact us here on Facebook, one of the band members privately (Matt Fraser, Sean Folk, Brett Forst, Tanner Hoffman, Mat Yarotski), or our producer. (Luc Hart).

We want to stress that the recollection of the old CDs is necessary in maintaining the image of this record and this band. It is important to remove all false versions of the record from circulation. Besides, the 'actual' version hits way harder!!


For those who purchased the album digitally, we are able to refund your purchase via digital download code. . We can also provide you with a hard copy if you are able to prove digital purchase of Overthrown.

Overthrown will be back online for order & digital download..
(iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.) asap in the new year and available in hard copy at our show on December 29th! Stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this process can be quick and painless. Hope see you all on the 29th!